Sunday, January 18, 2015

SoCal Winter Gyaru Meetup 2015!

Is it bad that I'm so new to blogging that I don't even know how to open this post? Hm. Well, anyways. This weekend was the first (of hopefully way more) SoCal winter gyaru meetup! It was pretty small, only Tia, Jasmine and me. It was definitely so much fun though. (Prepare yourself for a spam of purikura)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fierce Magenta Lipstick and Lipgloss Review (Luna Green, Luna Violet, Diamond Cluster, Sensation, & Tangerine Tango)

While scrolling through Etsy recently, I stumbled across an amazing shop called FierceMagenta. I immediately fell in love with the out-of-the-ordinary colors and finishes and decided I needed to get some. I purchased 5 lip products using one of the special offers, in which you get 5 smaller sized lip products for $30.

The glosses I ordered were Luna Green, Luna Violet, and Diamond Cluster. All the glosses have almost no stickiness and are super hydrating. They all are super comfortable on.

The packaging that the lip glosses came in. These are smaller sizes, not full size.

Luna Green over my natural lips (no base/primer)
Luna green is a sheer frosty mint gloss. Honestly, this gloss seemed like such a miss for me; I just think I should have altogether passed on this shade. It's not a bad color, don't get me wrong, it's just not a color I will use regularly. The photo online appeared way more green than it did for me. On me it looked like a shimmery/frosty mint and silver mix. I'll continue to try to use this, but I'll definitely be layering it over something. On it's own, it just doesn't do it for me. This gloss has a cocoa butter scent.

Luna violet over my natural lips (no base/primer)
This gloss. Is. Amazing. It's an amazing shimmery sheer purple. The effect this gloss gives is unreal. This gloss will be so amazing for cooling down warmer colors or just to give another color more dimension. It looks almost holographic or metallic on. It's by far my favorite gloss of the three I purchased. This gloss has a scent of cocoa butter.

Diamond Cluster over my natural lips (no base/primer)
Diamond Cluster is a clear gloss with holographic (reflex blue, green and a pinkish color) glitter. On FierceMagenta's shop, their lipswatch appeared way more blue toned, which for me no matter how many times I layered it up, I could not achieve that same effect. However, it is still a really beautiful glitter gloss. I don't know if I will reach for it that often as the effect just isn't as spectacular as I hoped. This gloss has a scent of cocoa butter. You can feel the glitter on your lips if you rub your lips together. This doesn't bother me, but if you're sensitive to that type of thing, maybe skip out on this gloss.

The lipsticks I purchased are Sensation and Tangerine Tango. They are both super creamy and insanely pigmented. They aren't crazy hydrating, but they do add some moisture to the lips, which is always a bonus.

The packaging for the lipsticks. They are like a super skinny lip balm tube.

Sensation applied without a primer or base
Sensation is the cool-toned hot pink I've been waiting all my life for. It is so vibrant and creamy. I absolutely love everything about this lipstick. The pigmentation is so insane. This color needs such little effort to get this amazing payoff. I can already tell that the small size will last me for quite a while. The scent is the only thing I don't like about this color. It smells sort of like gingerbread and crayons mixed together. It's not too strong of a scent that it's unbearable, but it's not something I enjoy smelling.

Tangerine Tango applied without a primer or base. 
Tangerine Tango is a super bright red-orange. On the shop, the photo appeared to be way more of a creamy orange color, but in real life it is way more intense and way more red. I'm not too disappointed with that, because the color is stunning. It's a color I don't think I normally would go for, but it looks surprisingly good on me. Like Sensation, the pigmentation is so incredible. One swipe is all you will need to fill in your lips. Like Sensation, Tangerine Tango also has that gingerbread/crayon scent... only stronger. I'm not a fan of that at all, but it's something I only notice when applying. 

I do want to mention that the lipsticks do tend to stain the lips, which I totally see as a bonus. The stain I was left with after swatching everything was so lovely, in my opinion. I layered the Luna Violet gloss over the stain, and it was just so gorgeous. 

Luna Violet gloss over stained lips (after applying both Sensation and Tango Tangerine)

Overall, I likely will be purchasing more lipsticks from FierceMagenta. The pigmentation and formula is to die for. I might pass on the glosses, unless I see a color that I just absolutely need. I love what I got, and I think I will get really good use out of everything.